This first issue of the A.P.E. journal considers the concept of "Threshold" as it applies to a small group of people meeting in Columbus, Ohio. These participants met three times as a group from January 5 - January 10, 2015 with the goal to publish this inaugural issue at the end of the last meeting. While each participant came to the project with his or her ideas, drawn from respective scholarly practice and lived experience, the projects found here were created individually and collaboratively throughout the week. Group discussion, the sharing of experiences and work, reflection, and the compressed timeline influenced the content and form of this project. As such, the resulting publication is not a heavily edited journal of stand-alone pieces; instead, this issue functions as a kind of archive of this process.

The participants include:

Carla Corroto
Michael Kellner
Phillip Kim
Alexis McCrimmon
Jack Richardson
Deborah Scott
Juuso Tervo

Special thanks to CJ Brazelton for the interview and Sara Sexton for the "Concrete as Art" photo.